130 tonnes of prawns to be sold at Xmas

By AAP Newswire

Sydneysiders are expected to snap up 130 tonnes of prawns and close to one million oysters at the Sydney Fish Markets this Christmas as drought and flood impact on seafood supplies.

The Pyrmont stalwart holds a 36-hour seafood marathon annually on December 23 and 24 each year.

A spokesman for the market said drought and fire have had an impact on supply from some regions in eastern Australia.

"Impacted species include mud crabs, pipi, octopus and estuary fish such as tailor," the spokesman said in a statement.

"Although some species from drought-affected regions may be in short supply, there will be sufficient supply of the Christmas favourites to meet the increased demand during the festive season."

As well as the 130 tonnes of prawns and close to one million oysters to be traded across the market for Christmas, it's estimated 40 tonnes each of rock lobster and snapper, 30 tonnes each of barramundi and kingfish, and 25 tonnes of tuna will also be purchased.

Seafood Industry Australia chief executive Jane Lovell said prawns are traditionally the biggest seller among seafood.

"Australians are expected to eat 40 per cent of their yearly prawn consumption during the festive season," Ms Lovell said in a statement.

Further research from the Marine Stewardship Council, conducted in October by YouGov Galaxy, found 65 per cent of Australians plan to buy or eat prawns this summer or for Christmas.

Prawns come third on the list of favourite Aussie Christmas foods.

While 42 per cent said the crustacean is a favourite Christmas food of theirs, 54 per cent listed ham and 43 per cent said Christmas pudding.

Some 42 per cent of people who eat prawns are also not aware of where the prawns they eat or have purchased are sourced from.