St Joes take on community projects

By Alex Gretgrix

STUDENTS from St Joseph's College have made it their mission to help others by creating their own projects that will hopefully benefit the community.

The students gathered at the Port of Echuca to showcase their ideas in their ‘Personal Bests Project’ expo held on Friday.

From teaching the older generations to use technology to re-establishing another thong tree, the students have a wide range of ideas to assist a number of aspects around the local area.

“Our Year 9 students combined their religious education and career studies in order to create real-life solutions for their community,” Renee Oberin said.

“The idea is that they create more good for more people and they leave a positive legacy in their community.”

The initiative, which is only in it's second year, will allow the students coming into Year 9 next year to pick up where this year's students left off and add more detail and their own mark on these projects.

The students chose their projects based on something they're passionate about.

“We created a canvas painting and some pamphlet of a thong tree,” St Joseph's College student Claudia Sampson said.

“The original thong tree was terminated and we wanted to raise awareness about the one tree that's still left to ensure it stays there while the Port is revamped.”

“It's just a great chance for the students to get out of the classroom and do what they can for the community,” Renee said.